AST1.4B If a consumer is asked to choose from a service protected by ATOL or that can be combined with a service protected by ATOL, the ATOL holder (and the ATOL holder must ensure that its representatives and AB members) ensure that the consumer is informed by clear, transparent and clearly visible information. the following information, if this information is known to the ATOL holder at that time: a) flight details and departure and arrival times b) departure and arrival airports (including all connecting airports if the flight is indirect); (c) in the case of a direct or indirect flight; (d) the name of the airline; (e) Whether checked baggage and transfer services are part of the package protected by ATOL; and (f) details, including price, additional baggage allowance or transfer services that may also be purchased. f) at the request of ABTA is amended to: If checked baggage and transfer services are not included in the package price: details, including price, free baggage allowance or transfer services that can be purchased by this ATOL holder. AtOL licensed packages are now defined as single-contract or multi-contract packages, meaning that the consumer either has a contract for all of their travel services that are part of the package or has more than one contract for all of their travel services that are part of the package together. There are different types of ATOL certificates. The version you have depends on when you booked your trip and the type of package you purchased. Click on the links below to see an example of each: Multi-contract packages are those where you have more than one contract for all the travel services that are part of the package together Once you book a travel package protected by ATOL, your travel agency will need to issue you an ATOL certificate. The certificate contains all the details of your ATOL protection. It tells you what you are protected from when your travel agency closes. It indicates exactly which parts of your booking are protected by ATOL. Even though ATOL owners advertise on third-party websites, they must ensure that third parties also comply with them. The exception is if your website only advertises ATOL-protected travel arrangements.

In this case, you should consult ATOL`s general statement in AST 1.1: “All flights and travel including flights on this website are financially protected by the ATOL program… However, if your website displays certain products protected by ATOL and certain products not protected by ATOL, you must comply with the above regulations. You are also required by CAA to comply with the STANDARD STATEMENT of AST 1.2 “Some of the flights and travel including flights on this website are financially protected by the ATOL Program… Non-ATOL products, for example, would only be cruises, only accommodations, packages without flights. ATOL is the UK`s financial protection system and protects you when you book a holiday with a UK ATOL holder. This ensures that you don`t lose money or get stuck abroad if your ATOL holder breaks down. ATOL stands for Air Travel Organiser`s Licence and is backed by the UK government. The program was designed to cover charter and package tours, but has since been revised in 2012 and 2018 to keep pace with changes in the travel industry. Travel Design Company Ltd is covered by ATOL (9580) and its customers are therefore protected by this system when purchasing holiday or package travel It counts as a package holiday if your travel agency: – Asked you to pay a single price through a single payment – let you choose a combination of services – such as flight and accommodation, before agreeing to pay them.- Charge you an included or full price for all services you have purchased.- Advertise or sell the travel services as a package or similar term. – Sold you a travel service; then transferred your data, including your payment information, to another company, through which you then booked another travel service within 24 hours. A package tour is a combination of at least two types of travel services listed below: – transportation (para. B, flight, bus or train, but no transfers from an airport) – accommodation (. B, hotel, villa or apartment) car rental – a tourist service (for example.

B, a tour guide or a trip to a historic place) where it is an essential part of the holiday, either because of its value or because it is an essential part of the journey. An ARA needs to understand what and how an ATOL owner customer reports sales that can be licensed and unlicensed. An ARA must include what constitutes a set in order to verify how licensed sales are managed and measured, and to provide Part 1 of the AAR. “Package” is as defined in the ATOL Regulation. The full definition is reproduced in the section “Requirements for ATOL Reporting Accountants – Guidance Note 10”, pages 27 and 28. For example, the introductory sentence describes `a combination of at least two different types of travel services for the purpose of the same journey or holiday`, but where the consumer has concluded one or more contracts. Where this licensed transaction is a package with a single contract, this information shall be provided as soon as the consumer is invited to opt for that package. Where that licensed transaction is a multi-contractual package, that information shall be provided as soon as the choice made by the consumer means that the consumer is invited to choose that package. If this licensed transaction is a flight transaction only, this information must be provided once the consumer has selected a date, point of departure and destination for one or more flights. UK and EU laws state that your holiday must be protected when you book a package. ATOL is a UK financial protection scheme and the protection applies to most air travel sold by UK travel agencies. The law states that your holiday must be protected if you book a holiday through a single travel agency which includes: A package trip A package holiday has financial and legal protection.

Legal protection means that your travel agency is responsible for ensuring that you receive the holiday for which you have paid. If something isn`t provided or isn`t as planned and your travel agency or its suppliers are to blame, they`ll have to fix it for you – either fix the problem, offer an alternative, or provide a full or partial refund. In some cases, you may be able to claim compensation. Financial protection means that if the company you booked with leaves the store, you will receive a refund if you have not yet travelled, or will be taken home if you are already on holiday and your package includes return transport. A connected travel arrangement, which has only financial security – and at a lower level than you had bought a package tour. This protection only covers the insolvency of the company that arranges the sale of the services that make up the related travel arrangement (e.g. B, online or online travel agency or on the shopping streets), and does not protect you from the failure of companies that actually deliver your travel arrangements, para. B example an airline. Individual bookings The law states that your holiday must be protected if it is a package holiday.

The old flight-plus category no longer exists (as of 1 July) and no further bookings can be made for this category. In the future, these types of sales will be included as packages in the form of a multi-contract package and as a parOL protected package. Therefore, an ATOL owner`s enterprise systems must be able to distinguish between licensed and unlicensed contracts, including package types, i.e. single or multiple contracts. An ARA must also be able to identify a package in one of the two contract periods that is not a package but can be protected as a pure flight sale. The ATOL holder must clearly indicate on all invoices and receipts that the sale is not protected by the ATOL system. MRAs need to review and understand the exemption (02/2018 – Fully paid exemption for airline tickets only in ORS3 – page 13), as they may need to test it against sales data to ensure that it is applied correctly and that transactions are properly reported by ATOL holders. Overall, however, it is the fact that if the sale is part of a package, it is not exempt. AST1.4D If an ATOL Holder advertises travel services through a website operated by a third party, the ATOL Holder shall ensure that the information required by AST 1.4, 1.4A AST 1.4B and 1.4C is provided to the Consumer once the Consumer has been asked to select such travel services and, in any event, before concluding the contract with the consumer. Your ATOL certificate will also tell you what to do if your travel company is no longer operational. Read the full terms and conditions of the Air Transport Trust`s payment policy. A package tour can come in many different forms and can be sold in different ways – from a “ready-made” package (where the different travel services are set up for you by the travel agency and offered at a single price) to many tailor-made trips (e.B.

if you choose different services from a proposed offer before paying for them together) – but they all have the same protection. financial and legal. Under UK and EU law, tour operators must financially protect their package tours in the countries where they are established. UK-based companies offer their protection under the ATOL system. Christmas is over, the decorations have been put away and the world has lost that Christmas glow. At Platinum World Travel`s headquarters, we admire the beautiful Dean Forest in Gloucestershire, but even here the scenery is a bit dark and monotonous. .