No, you are not eligible. Applicants must have been born between January 2, 2003 and January 1, 2006 to be eligible for NDA II-2021. I am in 12 my dob is 25feb 2002 I am eligible for nda1 2021 please answer yes or no Sir, my DOB age is March 2, 2003, so can I take the NDA test 2021? Dear Candidates, Please note that the deadline for the 74th regular NDA course application is Thursday, March 31, 2022. Follow the instructions in the post above. Also read the steps associated with NDA admission via the following Hello everyone you use this form, my name ishaka muhammed Will Nda extend the closing date of their form as I did not receive the Jamb registration number due to network unavailability? I`m on 9. Born in May 2002, I will be able to give the exam nda 1 2021. Please and in yes or no. According to the eligibility criteria, the age of the candidate must be from 16.5 years to 19.5 years, but the criteria of NDA 1 2021 show that the candidate must have been born from 2 July 2002 to 1 July 2005 Sir my D.O.B. is 2 July 2005, so according to the age criteria I am eligible for the NDA II exam, but I will be in Grade 11, if I assume I will take an exam, that is, if I am eligible for the eligibility criteria of the NDA II based on my level of education? If you would like further updates to the NDA 74RC 2021 application form or if you have any questions, use the “Start” box below. sir my date of birth 06-06-2020, how many attempts I try for NDA of 2021 Of course. The form they sell now is for the JAMB 2022 mr my dob is on 1/07/2002 can I apply the form nda 2021 sir please tell me Through the above article of the NDA 2021 application form, candidates can check all the details such as the application form, its method, the method of payment of the fees, fee details and much more. We also mentioned the step-by-step process to complete the application form to avoid any type of rejection in the submission.

The authority only accepts the form of eligible candidates, so applicants must also check the admission standards mentioned to check whether they are eligible or not. मेरा जन्म दिनाक 26/02/2005 h kya May 2021 may hone bale nda exam mai form apply kr sakta hu kya help me Please When will the NDA form end by next year pls I want to know pl sir mera DOB 1/5/2002 hai to kya me nda1 2021 ke liye form bhar sakta hu Sir my date of birth is 4. May 2002 and my age is 18, so I can apply for the NDA exam in 2021 because the candidate`s eligibility age is 16.5 to 19.5, if possible, please let me know. Thank you Application forms must be submitted online with scanned SSCE results. When submitting the online application, applicants must upload a confirmation form. Sir, I am currently in Grade 11, I can take an exam in 2021. I have to give 12 boards of directors in 2022. My date of birth is April 26, 2002, I can give the NDA exam in 2021. Hello Sir, please, what is the right time for me to apply to The Nigerian Defence Academy Pls so that I cannot apply for N d a again this year I cannot take the form Sir iam arpan I am in class 11 I can give 2 NDA exam for the Indian Air Force, when will I be in 12 classes? The online application for admission at 74. The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) regular course, Kaduna, will be available from Monday 25 October 2021. Hello, sir, my age is 21 years can I apply for NDA I in 2021? Applications from duly qualified candidates for admission to the 74th Regular Course (Study Programmes) of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) for the 2021/2022 Academic Session.

I need the full application for NDA 2022 and what is the total cost of the application form and registration. Sir, I am eligible for 2021 nda1 if my dob is on 20/02/2002 The sale of the Nigerian Defence Academy online application forms for admission to the 74RC of the NDA curriculum is over. Can the 2021 results continue to be used for the 2022 Non-Disclosure Agreement Application Form? Sir, my name is RAMLAl Majhi from West Bengal .my D.o.b is on 13/03/2002 I can rank for nda (1) 2021 Applicants must go through the following admission standards before applying for NDA 2021: I have no idea how to use the form and what link is cheap to apply online The registration form fee is N3, only 500.00. Step 3: UPLOAD DOCUMENTS The online download of the required application documents is required, so it is recommended that you bring the originals of these uploaded documents with you for review during your interview. Your application information will be stored on a secure server and will remain confidential before transmission. Use the support link to get help or assistance during the closing and submission process. Sir can I take the exam nda 1 and nda2 both in 2021 Sir, my d.o.b is on 13/03/2002 I can have a chance for nda 1 2021 Mister have paid the money of the form, but my neco result is just out and I want to fill out the form, I hope it is open Sir, and what date does it close my date of birth NIN ND my date of birth, that I use in my NDA form does not fit, I am ready to go When will the NDA form be published for next year because I am still writing my ssce and I have to be an army, and I would like to apply for it next year if you want to know when the Nigerian Defence Academy form 2022/2023 will come out, You`ve come to the right place, read on. Sir, where can I buy the real form? in my ssce I have 9 credits and I have now jambed, sir and now? As you all know, when you join the Nigerian Defence Academy, you become an Air Force Officer, Naval Officer or Army Officer, it is also the same as joining as a graduate.

You will always become a military officer. Those who join the Nigerian Defence Academy are paid more than those who joined it through normal military recruitment. You can read about the Nigerian military ranks and the salary you don`t have to submit. Leave it that way until you receive the JAMB form so you can complete and submit your application. Sir, If I click Reset after submitting my application form, do I have to return it or is it not necessary? Dear my community would like to appear in nda, or Air Force, then form apply both separately and individually, please tell me that I was born on November 19, 2001, I will be eligible to fill out the form 2021 nda1 January Your first step to apply to the Nigerian Defence Academy is to create an account. Click here to create an account. If you already have an account, click here to log in to the portal. Your account allows you to purchase a form and complete your application over multiple sessions. You access your secure app in subsequent sessions by logging in to “Login” or “App Status.” If you`ve already launched an app, you can still sign in to continue.

The system will ask you how to complete the application. Once you are satisfied with the app, click Submit! Is it true that any candidate who has received the Nda form is allowed to take the entrance exam without worrying about the NDA admission form – The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA), Kaduna 2022/2023 Academic Session 74th Regular Course Admission Form is here and now available online. The Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) 74th Online Application Form for admission to regular courses will be available for sale from Monday 25 October 2021 to Thursday 31 March 2022. It is open to Nigerians, men and women. Requirements for various bachelor`s degree programs are listed in the NDA website/application portal as well as in the JAMB brochure and website. All further information on study programmes, authorisation and examination centres is available on the NDA website on the application portal. Please note that working knowledge of French, Arabic and Mandarin is an advantage for candidates. Pls, if I am going to write my WEAC and NECO in 2022, I can apply for the NDA form My date of birth is January 1, 2003. Am I eligible for the NDA 1 and NDA 2 exam in 2021? Pls I have entered all my details on the NDA form except for my Jamb registration number, can I click Submit? as it states that everything must be completed before submitting, but the Jamb form for 2022 is not yet available. What must I do? Yes.Applicants must be at least 17 years old, but not over 21 years old from August 2021 Please I lost my confirmation form, how can I reprint it??? Please I need help😭😭 sir, my dob is 2002 June 25 I can eligible 2021 nda 1 form sir my dob is 30/03/2005 I can take the NDA exam 2021 ..