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A Silver Lining to Driver Shortages?

Logistics in the Public Eye

When everything works perfectly with supply chains and logistics, they become pretty well invisible to the average member of the public – parcels are delivered on time, shelves are fully restocked, goods are readily available, and at the usual price. In short, everything is where you expect it to be. And for most of us in the UK that is how things have always been.

But today, as supermarkets lack certain goods, prices for construction supplies surge, and everyone from booksellers to Ikea is warning of stock shortages, it is clear that things have badly broken down.

While the debate rages on and the multi-faceted challenges causing the current crisis are not even close to being overcome, there is perhaps a silver lining to be seen in all of this. The underappreciated and far from widely understood world of logistics has burst into the public consciousness in a way not seen for decades. As the operation and concerns of the sector have become everyone’s business, the general public is learning to understand and appreciate it in a way not seen before.

So, what are the benefits? In summary:

  • An image overhaul
  • A government priority
  • Actions and improvements

Find out more detail about these silver linings to driver shortages here.

We at Dawsongroup Finance know this sector well and work with haulage firms often. We understand how tough things are now, with trucks sitting idle and hauliers struggling to meet clients’ delivery schedules – but we have faith for the future because these firms perform a role that everyone now recognises as vital to us all, underpinning as it does virtually every other industry.

So keep on trucking – there are good things down the road! Find out more about how Dawsongroup | finance can support your business here.

Driver shortages
Driver shortages

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