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The specialist you need for support with any temperature-critical products and processes. Supporting numerous industries including food, research and development, pharmaceutical and environmental through a wide range of core solutions using refrigerant plant, filtration and humidity in a design format and size that suits our customers’ needs. Our core products include:

• Transition/Holding Units from stand-alone units to modular wide-spans, all your temperature-controlled storage is catered for, no matter what size you need.

• Process from Blast Freezers/Chillers to Defrost units to Production Facilities, we ensure every part of your process flow is as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Our team carries out extensive calculations as well as product trials so that you receive exactly what you need.

• Build Our temporary and Construction Builds can either be temperature-controlled or ambient to provide the perfect solution. As with all our products, these are completely bespoke to your needs. Our Builds reduce double handling, improve efficiency and can be used for a variety of different purposes.

• High-Capacity Inflatables our own unique inflatables offer unbeatable delivery times, available soon after install, no siting restriction, easy to move and supported by expertise. Our high-capacity unit holds 20 UK pallets and can be linked to accommodate 40 pallets freeze or 60 pallets chill.

• Environment high-precision, bespoke, walk-in/drive-in Test Chambers to suit any need. They are perfect for quality assurance testing in temperature and humidity extremes. We supply a wide variety of industries.

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