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Behind the Scenes: Amy Edwards, Dealer Relationship Manager for Dawsongroup | material handling

Amy Edwards headshotAmy Edwards has recently joined the team at Dawsongroup | material handling as Dealer Relationship Manager for their Combilift short-term hire fleet. With 10 years’ experience at Doosan Industrial Vehicle UK, first as a parts administrator and then as parts sales executive, Amy has invaluable experience and knowledge of the entire supply chain of material handling equipment from factory to dealership.

There are currently unprecedented equipment lead times across the UK which are pausing day-to-day business practices and impacting supply chains. Amy’s role is to introduce a solution to these gaps and help keep businesses moving with short-term rental support. She liaises with forklift dealers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) across the UK through telephone and site visits, supporting existing customers as well as introducing new ones to Dawsongroup. She assists the material handling hire team and gathers feedback from customers to ensure that they are continuously improving and growing their service.

Being based at the head office in Milton Keynes gives Amy an oversight of all the different Dawsongroup businesses. She enjoys the variety of her daily tasks as well as learning key information about each area of the company. Most of all, however, it is the people who make her day.

“There are so many passionate people within Dawsongroup,” said Amy. “Their approach to how we do business, along with the Smarter Asset Strategy solution we offer, means we work with some really great customers.”

Amy Edwards in Combilift

Some interesting facts about Amy:

  • She has no sense of smell
  • She’s very disciplined and gets up at 5.30am every morning (weekends included) to run 5km before breakfast
  • She is an avid reader and quite often starts and finishes a book in one sitting
  • She has recently begun to meditate daily; although she had little optimism about it at the start, taking ten minutes to relax and breathe a little deeper ends her day with a good feeling.

Amy’s number one ambition is to make Dawsongroup | material handling the first name a business thinks of when they require a short-term hire for any Combilift or Aisle-Master product. With five new customers hiring material handling equipment from Amy in the short time that she has been with the company, she looks set to achieve that ambition very soon.

“I feel very fortunate to be able to count so many people within this industry as not just business connections, but friends,” said Amy. “I couldn’t have imagined that my career would involve material handling equipment or that I would ‘geek out’ on certain machines at the side of a motorway or a warehouse in a TV drama and yet, now I can’t imagine working with anything else.”

If you want a lift in your day, contact Amy for all your short-term material handling needs.

If you are interested in joining the Dawsongroup | material handling team, or any other part of Dawsongroup, check out our careers here.

If you are looking for material handling solutions for your company, request a free consultation with a Dawsongroup expert by completing the contact form below.

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