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Electric LCVs – Is It Worth Changing Over Now?

There are some real key factors to get right when assessing the operating cost of a new electric LCV.

Is it possible to switch to electric vehicles today and save on costs? Absolutely. The best-case scenario for fuel and driving efficiency shows that there are savings to be made, provided the lease cost of the vehicle is correct.

But it is not as simple as that. You can’t operate an electric van and expect your balance sheet to automatically improve. The capital cost and available discounts will also improve over time making the argument more compelling.

Until then, you need to be very careful when making a decision on electric vans, and very sure you understand the pitfalls that you may encounter.

Electric vans may well be the future, but we need those that drive, and operate them to be educated that they are working on a fine line. Cost of electric, driving style and the miles driven for each KW of energy used are vital measures that need to be controlled, more so than in an equivalent diesel vehicle.

Find out more information in the Dawsongroup | vans full review of electric LCVs here.

Electric LCV
Electric LCV
Electric LCV

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