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Financial Support for Timber Shortage

As anyone in the construction industry will know, there is an ongoing shortage of construction materials, especially timber, which is causing wild price rises and impacting businesses and projects across the country. Dawsongroup | finance offers financial support for timber shortages through various solutions.

There are several aspects which need to be considered:

  • Supply and demand
  • The scale of the problem
  • Finding financial support for timber shortage

Here at Dawsongroup | finance, it is not just equipment that we’re able to finance – but materials too.

We understand how vital a sufficient and timely supply of these materials is to certain businesses, and how costly delays can be. So rather than wait, while the debts mount up, why not consider a clever asset financing solution to get your business what it needs to keep going now. As the latest forecasts and data from industry experts suggest – waiting until supplies improve and costs correct is just not an option.

We can get you full funding for any timber or building materials whilst you can spread the cost over a period of up to seven years.

So, if cash flow is becoming a problem due to the unprecedented rise in prices for vital construction materials, find out more about how Dawsongroup | finance can help you here.

Timber shortage
Timber shortage
Timber shortage

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