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Quality Trucks and Training – Helping You Avoid Driver Shortage

Needless to say, there’s a critical shortage of HGV drivers in the UK at the moment. As empty shelves continue to appear in the shops and there are talks of strike action over pay and conditions, the RHA estimates the shortfall at up to 100,000. Avoid driver shortage with Dawsongroup | truck and trailer recomendations.

It’s a problem affecting the whole road transport sector and the reasons are well-known – ranging from poor incentives, pay, conditions and training to increased workloads; the age profile of drivers; problems caused by COVID-19 and Brexit; and the government’s refusal to add HGV workers to the Skilled Worker Shortage Occupation List.

Although many of the big hauliers and supermarket chains are offering drivers sign-on bonuses, wage increases and other benefits, this game of musical chairs is simply moving the problem around and the reality is that the situation could take years to resolve.

However, there are two things that operators can do to attract and retain drivers in the short-term that we at Dawsongroup truck and trailer can help with:

Run good trucks

Create good drivers

Find out more about these aspects and how Dawsongroup | truck and trailer can help your business thrive here.

As a business, we stand squarely with our customers during this driver shortage. As always, we’re available to help you get the best possible fleet solution and train and retain your drivers.

Spend time discussing your requirements with one of our team now – it could help prevent your business falling victim to the driver shortage!

Avoid driver shortage
Avoid driver shortage
Avoid driver shortage

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