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At the beginning of lockdown, we donated assets to the fantastic charity HIS church.

HIS church has delivered over 2 million meals since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic to those in need. They sent us this montage to update us on their vital work. We are grateful for the opportunity to support such a fantastic charity.

Lincolnshire based charity ‘His Church’ is delivering a huge operation to deliver food that has been saved, that either has packaging issues or
is close to its sell-by date, they store the food in a 50,000 square foot old aircraft hanger, intending to deliver it to food charities across the UK.

Freya Dawson commented on how Dawsongroup have got involved, “His Church receives a large amount of ‘rejected food’ from brands like
Kelloggs, Mars, etc., for ridiculous reasons such as a Snickers bar being 1cm too short or the weight of cereal in a box being just under etc. Without these guys, this food would go to landfill which is so sad! Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, they have been inundated with requests to transport food and clothing to the most vulnerable and although they had the products required, they didn’t have the logistics
tied down. So Dawsongroup Openhands has currently loaned them three refrigerated trailers, one tractor unit and is about to also add a rigid into the mix and the results they’ve achieved from us doing so has been amazing.”

Find out more about His Church here hischurch.org.uk/.


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