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The Business Landscape in 2022 – Part 2

Following on from Dawsongroup | finance’s previous blog exploring the potential business and economic landscape ahead in 2022, they have some more forecasts and analyses. There is plenty to talk about, some challenges to consider, and reasons for optimism too!

Click each link below to find out about the potential lie of the land over the year ahead.

Supply Chains and the Cost of Materials

Will supply chain issues and their consequences be resolved this year?

Freedom and Travel

How will the changes to pandemic leisure and travel legislation affect customers and businesses?

Stock Level on New Vehicles

What is the best way for businesses to overcome the demand for new vehicles and price increases on second-hand vehicles?

The Green Agenda

What impact are the pledges of COP26 going to have on businesses this year?

Find out more about how Dawsongroup | finance can help to make your vision of the future a reality by contacting them today.

Business landscape in 2022 part 2
Business landscape in 2022 part 2

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