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Vertical Farming Isn’t the Only Thing Growing This Year

This year we’ve seen a massive increase in the number of units being used for vertical farming and use of our portable production room facilities. However, vertical farming isn’t the only thing growing this year at TCS, our employees are growing too!

Daniel Poismans: 20 Year Service Award

From Apprentice to the Senior Management Team, our Service Manager, Daniel Poismans, has recently received his 20 Year Service Award. Danny has been a huge part of Dawsongroup Temperature Control Solutions’ growth and has watched it evolve through the years, being part of the company from a young age.  Find out more about Danny's achievements with Dawsongroup | TCS and his twenty year journey here.

Our employees are growing stronger and stronger each year, pushing the company’s growth and bringing new and innovative ideas to the table.

If you are interested in starting a career at Dawsongroup TCS, why not check out the latest vacancies on our Careers page? 

Click here to see the positions we have available. 

Vertical Farming: The Evolution of Agriculture

Similarly to the growth and evolution of our employees, we’re evolving to the agriculture sector’s latest trend.

Our vertical farming units are adaptive to the environment in so many ways, being portable is just the start. Vertical farming gives you total control of the environment, which in turn allows you to control the quality, quantity, variety and subsequently the price.

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