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What is Material Handling Equipment?

Material handling equipment ensures that productivity, safety, and efficiency are top priorities in a production or warehouse setting. Its primary functions are movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products.

It is classified into four main categories: Transport, Positioning, Unit load, and Storage. There are four key ways in which this type of equipment can improve an operation:

  1. Reduce employee exertion by decreasing the physical stress on employees.
  2. Speed up the handling processes.
  3. Keep materials and people safe.
  4. Optimise space.

Dawsongroup Material Handling has a full range of warehouse equipment that can meet the demands of a modern business in terms of technology, quality and ergonomics, and can simulate your operation should you be considering making changes so that any decision made is fully informed. All the equipment can be provided under flexible finance agreements to suit your business model.

As an independent supplier of material handling equipment, we have access to the entire market, enabling us to supply a wide range of specialist equipment, such as access platforms, rough terrain forklifts, sideloaders, telehandlers, and tow tractors from a range of industry-leading manufacturers.

Find out more about Dawsongroup MH and exactly how our equipment can benefit your business here.

Material Handling forklift lifting crate
Material Handling van and forklift
Material Handling Doosan forklift

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