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Your Road to Zero – Transitioning to a Cleaner, Zero-emissions Fleet

How do you know which alternative-fuelled vehicles are viable for your business? Dawsongroup | truck and trailer can assist you on your Road to Zero.

In this video, Dave Shakespeare explains how Dawsongroup | truck and trailer have invested in and trialled various low-emission technologies, including LNG, and how they’ve been operating LNG trucks within their business. As a result, they understand LNG and they can identify the right vehicles for the right applications as well as provide the training and advice to operate them successfully. So, they’ve already done a lot of the hard work towards the Road to Zero for you. Their flexible and risk-free leasing and contract hire services allow you to test alternative-fuelled vehicles against key factors within your own business.

Watch the video which explains it all.


Whether it’s LNG, CNG or electric vehicles you’re considering, contact Dawsongroup | truck and trailer today about making the move to a cleaner and greener fleet.

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