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Construction Crisis Solutions

The UK fuel crisis, rising energy prices and the government target to achieve net zero greenhouse-gas emissions are issues which are currently hitting the headlines on a regular basis, and the construction industry is bearing the brunt of the fallout. As many businesses have found out over the last eighteen months, flexibility is key to surviving such events. Being able to downsize or upsize your fleet at a moment’s notice could be the difference between whether your company thrives or merely survives.

The rising cost of materials is also having a knock-on effect. It is leading to a significant inflation of tender prices, which in turn is impacting the customer and their decision about whether to go ahead with projects. Things are changing so quickly that companies are no longer able to guarantee a quote for a day, let alone 30 days. This is forcing companies to make quick decisions about their business needs instead of taking the time to consider all the options and find the best solution.

Dawsongroup offers a unique solution for the current construction crisis and all your business needs. With a smarter asset strategy that offers maximum scalability with contractual flexibility, you are free to focus on winning contracts knowing there is minimum risk to your business. Taking advantage of Dawsongroup’s flexible rental agreements removes the risk of buying capital-intensive equipment and gives your business the agility and efficiency it needs to thrive.

From trucks, trailers and vans to forklifts, mini-cranes and tippers to inflatable structures and temperature-controlled spaces, Dawsongroup provides a range of flexible solutions all under one roof. Experience and understanding of the construction industry are essential when offering not just the assets you need but a comprehensive support network and excellent service. Dawsongroup has just that.

Successful businesses plan for the future as well as considering their daily strategy. Three key areas which need to be taken into account are: financial risk, business confidence and technology adoption.

Financial Risk

Planning for the future is essential to ensure that your company thrives. Your current business activities need to have as low a risk as possible to ensure the continuing success of your company should circumstances change. However, as the past eighteen months have shown more than ever, no-one ever knows what will happen in the future. The only way to plan for the unknown is to make sure your business has the financial flexibility to be able to adapt to any situation, ensure that your commitments are covered, and still take advantage of any opportunities that may arise. Dawsongroup can provide fully flexible finance plans for any asset that is not made of bricks and mortar. Providing the ability to finance your specialist equipment without infringing on your working capital or other banking lines, Dawsongroup has a number of finance options to suit every business model.

Business Confidence

Business confidence is all about your aims for the future and using any shifts in the economy to your advantage. Times have been difficult for many companies recently, with the pandemic and supply chain issues having a significant impact. Planning strategies to maximise your opportunities, minimise risk and protect your capital, whilst increasing your business agility further, is essential to ensure a bright future for your business. Dawsongroup experts can advise you on and supply the assets you need from an extensive range of vehicles and specialist equipment. Not only that, but the service provided includes training on the latest features, optimising safety and minimising asset down-time to maximise capability and improve efficiency in day-to-day operations. This will ensure that you can complete the projects you commit to on time and within budget.

Technology Adoption

There is nothing that changes quite as fast as technology. Having the latest equipment means you can stay ahead of the competition, but it is essential that regulatory compliance is maintained to ensure your business has no downtime and productivity is maximised. Keeping up to date, however, can be difficult to maintain without a flexible solution where you can trial the latest technology with the minimal amount of risk. Dawsongroup provides risk-free opportunities for your business to try out different options, giving you the chance to find out what works for you in practice, not just in theory. Whether you are thinking about how to adapt to net zero regulations or want to try out the latest kit, Dawsongroup can provide advice on the best fit for your business, provide training on new assets and how to maximise efficiency, and source whatever you need for however long you need it.

Smarter Asset Strategy

Dawsongroup’s smarter asset strategy helps your business to work smarter not harder. If you would like to find out more about how agile and resilient your business is in these three key areas, complete this free 2-minute scorecard. We’ll send you a personalised report, and you’ll find out how your business could become more flexible and resilient so that you can minimise risk and win contracts, no matter how big or small. We’re looking forward to having a conversation with you to explain the different ways we can help your business thrive.

Construction Crisis Solutions
Construction Crisis Solutions
Construction Crisis Solutions
Construction Crisis Solutions

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