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Dawsongroup | vans Installs EV Charging Infrastructure

Range anxiety is one of the main concerns our customers have about converting to electric vehicles (EVs): the worry that the battery will run out before you can get to a charging point. Having a reliable infrastructure of charging points is key to ensuring that this doesn’t happen.

As part of our service Dawsongroup | vans is working on a solution to that problem – by installing EV charging points at all its sites by March 2022. This will ensure that its fleet of EVs will always be fully charged ready for collection or delivery to customers.

“With light commercial vehicles, you need to have charging infrastructure in place where the vehicle is stored overnight, so it’s ready to operate the next day. If you’ve got the charging in place, and you’ve thought it through, electric vehicles can and will in the future operate better than a diesel vehicle would,” said Simon Ridley, Managing Director.

Having a comprehensive charging infrastructure in place will put Dawsongroup | vans in an ideal position to expand its fleet of electric commercial vehicles further and make sure it is ready to transition to a fully electric fleet by the Government’s target dates of 2030 and 2035, if not earlier.

Find out more about Dawsongroup | vans’ new EV charging infrastructure here, or contact us to find out how Dawsongroup | vans can support your journey to decarbonisation.

Dawsongroup vans EV charging

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