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Eye-catching Graffiti Paints a Positive Picture at Freight in the City

Freight in the City opened its doors to visitors once again at London’s Alexandra Palace in September – the first time since 2019.

The one-day exhibition, in its sixth year, gave visitors the opportunity to get up close to a wide range of vehicles and cutting-edge technology aimed at delivering into urban areas safely and sustainably.

It also brought together a line-up of leading logistics experts to discuss topical issues in a series of debates and seminars throughout the day.

Truck and Trailer and Vans had a combined stand in a prime position near the middle of the hall, next to the networking area and near the seminar arena. We broke the mould with a 12-tonne CNG truck that had been specially sprayed by a graffiti artist with eye-catching artwork promoting our RISK-FREE ROAD TO ZERO message.

Watch this timelapse video of Neil Kean, the Graffiti Artist (arkadegraphics@yahoo.co.uk) getting to work on the truck or take a look at more of Neil's work.

Find out more about the latest news from Dawsongroup | truck and trailer and what we exhibited at Freight in the City here.

Freight in the City

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