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How To Drive Electric

Electric vehicles (EVs) are here to stay and whilst they may look very similar to petrol and diesel cars and vans, they are quite different to drive. Dawsongroup | vans has put together some information to give you the best EV driving experience possible and to help you get the most out of your EV.

The Right Choice for You

The first step in transitioning to zero emission vehicles is understanding a few key points: why you want to make the transition, who will be driving the vehicle, what it will be used for, what and how much the payload will be, and what kind of journeys it will make. Taking this step isn’t just about the van, but about everything around it as well.

The specialist team at Dawsongroup | vans is on hand to advise you and help you get your business ready for transition. They can support you in determining whether your existing depot structure is suitable for installing EV charging points as well as advising you on the vehicle that will best fit your needs – and they will only recommend an EV if it is fit for purpose.

LEVC How To Drive Electric

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EV Driving Tips

  • Smooth, gentle acceleration and braking are key to get the greatest range out of your battery – try not to put your foot down to speed up or slam on the brakes to slow down
  • Try to anticipate when you will need to brake – take your foot off the accelerator earlier than you usually would and the car will use the engine brake to slow down, recharging the battery at the same time
  • Keep your speed steady – maintain a constant speed when driving on flat roads
  • Avoid trying to maintain cruising speed when climbing uphill – maintain the same pressure on the accelerator instead of increasing it
  • Release the accelerator when driving downhill – the forward momentum will recharge the battery

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The Future Is Electric

Experts predict that there will be price parity between ICE vehicles and EVs by the mid-2020s. But why wait to take advantage of the lower running costs and reduced environmental impact?

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To find out more about how Dawsongroup | vans and its specialist team can help you with the transition to zero emissions, contact them here.

Contact us today for a free consultation about transitioning to zero emissions.

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