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Improving the Standard of Driver Roadside Facilities and Conditions

In what is an already difficult time for the transport sector, there has been much talk recently about the widely differing standards of rest and food facilities for HGV drivers across the UK, and the fact that many of them are far from ideal.

The charge for improved standards is being led by the Road Haulage Association (RHA), which launched a petition calling on the government to pave the way for the better rest facilities that the nation’s drivers rightly deserve.

It’s an admirable aim, and one Dawsongroup | truck and trailer endorses wholeheartedly. We urge operators and as many people as possible to add their voices to the campaign and sign the petition – it’s quick and easy.

The campaign calls for three key things:

  • Additional funding to improve and increase the number of safe and secure facilities and spaces. Interestingly, the government has subsequently announced a package of £20m of funding for better roadside facilities.
  • Amended planning guidance to encourage local authorities to approve plans for new facilities.
  • The launch of a taskforce to review facilities and work with the industry on long-term solutions.

At the same time, there are other ways – some possibly more immediate – to bring hardworking drivers added comfort in their all-too-often tough working days.

Find out what these are through the links below.

Run Good Trucks

Create Good Drivers

Two Final Things

Find out more about improving roadside facilities for drivers and the solutions Dawsongroup | truck and trailer can provide for you here.

John Fletcher, MD Dawsongroup truck and trailer
Improving driver facilities

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