• More options for businesses and local authorities across Ireland as Dawsongroup emc expands operations

    More Options for Businesses and Local Authorities Across Ireland

  • New Brighouse site for Dawsongroup emc

    New Brighouse Site for Yorkshire Fleet Hire Company

  • EMC Summer Street Sweeping - close up of street sweeper sweeping leaves along edge of road

    Summer Street Sweeping: Clean Streets, Clean Air

  • Dawsongroup emc APSE Scotland - row of 5 Pothole Pros

    Dawsongroup emc to Showcase Prestigious Fleet at APSE Scotland

  • ALARM Survey - Pothole Pro

    ALARM Survey Highlights Record High Road Repairs Backlog

  • EMC Surface Dressing Demand - aerial view of sweepers and street cleaning vehicles

    Dawsongroup emc Gears Up for Surface Dressing Demand

  • EMC Surface Dressing Season - sweeper, van and other industrial vehicles

    Dawsongroup emc: Getting You Ready for Surface Dressing Season

  • EMC Tracked Dumper Launch

    Dawsongroup emc Bolsters Specialist Vehicle Fleet with Tracked Dumper Launch

  • Dawsongroup JCB Pothole Pro

    Fleet of Six JCB Pothole Fixing Machines Snapped Up by Dawsongroup

  • EMC Logo Header

    Dawsongroup Unveils New Name to Reflect Significant Fleet Diversification

  • New London Heathrow Site Vans Team

    New London Heathrow Site Breaks Free from Expectations

  • Sweepers to the rescue

    Sweepers to the Rescue!

  • Supersite 1

    Our New South West Supersite Hub Opens for Business