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Alliance Healthcare Provided with Tectoniks Inflatable Storage

In an increasingly unpredictable world, meeting fast, dynamic supply and demand is often a problem. Tectoniks inflatable structures can reduce the risk of lost opportunities and give you the agility to react quicker than your competitors in a cost effective, environmentally friendly manner.

Alliance Healthcare took advantage of the speed and adaptability of Tectoniks storage solutions when they needed to increase their capacity at short notice. One of the largest healthcare wholesalers and distributors in Europe, Alliance Healthcare serves over 17,000 pharmacies, health centres, doctors and hospitals in the UK alone. Tectoniks were able to provide them with extra storage capacity using an inflatable structure from their commercial range, which was commissioned in only one day.

The benefits of using Tectoniks inflatable structures are the speed at which they can be constructed and their innate scalability through the capacity to link units together. Find out how Tectoniks was able to provide extra storage capacity for Alliance Healthcare in only one day here.

Tectoniks Inflatable Structure for Alliance Healthcare

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