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‘Usership’ Helping Operators Avoid Bumpy Journey on the Road to Zero

Greener commercial vehicles are already hitting the roads and plans to phase out the sale of new diesel HGVs have been laid.

With technological developments gathering momentum and the sector’s journey on the road to zero emissions picking up pace, operator concerns about alternative-fuelled commercial vehicles are growing.

Prime among these are uncertainties over cost – both acquisition and operating – making it difficult to build a compelling long-term business case for greener vehicles.

There is an understandable fear of making big, costly mistakes. The alternative fuel landscape is moving so quickly that, even if you make the right decision today, there’s every likelihood that the assets you choose will be obsolete just a few years down the line.

In the current transient environment, and with HGVs having relatively long lifespans, it’s unlikely a move to zero-emission vehicles can be made in a single, quantum leap. For most, it will be a journey of smaller steps over a number of years.

The key is to embrace change and use it to build a strong, competitive and sustainable business. We suggest moving to a ‘usership’ model in which rentals, leasing and contract hire take the strain out of acquisition, operation and renewals.

Rather than continuing to own assets, operators should:

  • Check, through trials, if alternative-fuelled vehicles are operationally and commercially viable for them.
  • Mitigate against having obsolete and low-value assets in years to come.
  • Guard against financial and operational risk.

Rather than resist change, build on the best options for success and growth. Shape your business around those advantages and capitalise on the opportunities they bring.

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Road to Zero
Road to Zero
Road to Zero
Road to Zero

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